The launch of our 5-year sustainability plan back in March this year set out some bold targets. As we approach the end of the first year, here are a selection of upgrades, procedural changes, initiatives and achievements that we have implemented in 2021. 

Green energy

We are about complete our first full year of 100% green energy supply to yachts in Barcelona, reducing our carbon footprint by 90%. With extensive shore power connectivity options, yachts no longer need to burn combustibles while in the shipyard. 

Solar panels

Installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the K warehouse in Barcelona with a potency of 124kWp. Read the full story here.

Electric aero thermic heaters

The use of diesel for heaters contributes up to 50% of all hydrocarbon consumption in the Barcelona facilities. This year we piloted the use of electric aero thermic heaters as a cleaner substitute.  

Electric mobility

Electric mobility continues to increase both inside the facilities with the addition of charge points and electric vehicles to the fleet, and outside through the policy to prioritise electric rental cars for business purposes. 

Recycled materials

Waste management continues to be improved across the group such as the use of a new “cardplast” model that includes 30% recycled material during manufacturing, the completion of a plastic protection classification project to increase re-usage and recycling possibilities which could save up to 30 tonnes of plastic waste per year. 


A new partnership with ETYC provides sustainability training opportunities to superyacht crews while in the facilities. 


New carbon offsetting initiative to support Submon in the development of blue carbon ecosystem restoration and conservation projects.  

To discover more about our journey towards greater sustainability in superyachting, please visit www.mb92/sustainability