MB92 Barcelona is proud to have enjoyed over 25 successful years in the superyacht refit market. Throughout our history, every decision taken has been informed by a commitment to reinvest in our team and facilities to offer the very best service to our clients.

The origins

Barcelona Olympic Games | Port Vell | Boats less than 25 meters LOA | 25,200m2


Our origins

The society that would become MB92 is formed by Mr. Jorge Ventosa Garí as a private enterprise  with share capital of 320 million pesetas in order to bid for a Technical Area concession for yacht repair. The initial concession is for 25,288 m2 and the contract is agreed in February.


Industry activity starts

Acquisition of a 150 ton Travelift. Total of 15,600 m2 surface area for dry dock jobs and 2,500m2 covered storage area, with 400 ton Slip way.


Joint Venture agreement with Pinmar

Construction of paint shed: 75m long, 29m wide and 25m high.


Focus on superyachts

MB92 changes its business focus to providing repair, maintenance and reconditioning services for superyachts. The 400 ton Slip way capacity is modified to launch yachts of up to 50 meters and to have a 450 ton nominal capacity.

Consolidation period

Yachts up to 80m LOA | 36,000m total area
During this period the shipyard succeeded in attracting some of the sector’s most significant superyachts.
The dry dock area was extended to 11,500m2 to accommodate seven vessels measuring up to 80m at any one time.


Increasing efficiency

Construction of a paint bubble to accommodate the growing demand for paint works. New TIC infrastructures also contribute to increasing efficiency.


Servicing increasing demand

MB92 creates Project Management, Technical, Administrative and Customer Service departments in order to best service increasing demand.


Expanding again

A new agreement is reached with the Port Authorities to further expand MB92’s concession. The plan is to launch a new system and dry docking repair area for yachts of up to 2,000 tons displacement.


Ongoing development

Contract signed with Syncrolift Inc. to provide high-quality new machinery and assist with ongoing technical development.



The new 2,000 ton Synchrolift system is inaugurated in September.

Leading the industry into the 2000s


100th project

Project number 100 –motor yacht BIG D – is hauled out on the 2,000 ton Syncrolift.


Improving our structure

MB92 is strengthened by a revamped structure, ongoing investment in technical equipment, attentive human resources and the high quality of subcontractors partnering with the company.


Further investment

The company benefits from new capital injection to fund a range of projects that support its continued growth.


15 years of refit

MB92 celebrates 15 years in the market. The Paint shed is extended from 75m to 125m in order to be able to accommodate the increasing size of new superyachts.


ISO 9001 and 14001

MB92 successfully complies with standards for obtaining:

  • ISO 9001 quality certificate, certifying the quality of MB92’s production process.
  • ISO 14001, which certifies Environmental Protection standards.

Into a new decade

Provision for yachts up to 220 meters LOA | 76,000m2 total area

Manoeuvring a yacht within MB92 shipyard


Dry Dock expansion

Agreement is reached with the Barcelona Port Authorities to obtain a significant new concession area. MB92 now has equal land and sea areas and obtains a Panamax Dry Dock to further increase the range of facilities available for clients.

Further expansion

Stage 1


New concession area

MB92 celebrates 20 years in the market with the inauguration of the new concession area.


New Dry Dock door

During the summer, MB92 installs a new Dry Dock door.

D Marin logo


Major new investment

New investors – D-Marin Investments; Dogus Group – join the company in December.

MB92 receives the Best Refit award at the International Superyacht Society Design & Leadership Awards for its work on the timeless 80m MY Talitha.

Further expansion

Stage 2


Paint shed makes way for Shiplift

Demolition of the Paint Shed as part of the redevelopment to construct a new 4,000 ton Shiplift to cater for increasing demand from the fleet’s largest yachts.


25 years!

MB92 celebrates 25 years in the superyacht refit market. Development continues with the new 20,000m2 hard-standing area that will allow for twelve 105m superyachts.


Formation of the MB92 Group


In 2018, MB92 becomes part of the MB92 Group alongside Compositeworks and Blohm & Voss La Ciotat. This union between some of the industry’s most trusted players creates the world-leading Group of refit shipyards.


Part of the family

MB92 is rebranded as MB92 Barcelona and joins MB92 La Ciotat as part of the MB92 Group.


30 years!

MB92 celebrates 30 years in the superyacht refit market.

Much has changed in the last 3 decades since we started, but the commitment to listening, learning and improving remains as strong as ever.