Barcelona location

Passeig Joan de Borbó, 92
08039 Barcelona, Spain

T: +34 93 224 02 24 F: +34 93 224 02 25

Contact general enquiries

T: +34 93 224 02 24

Contact sales enquiries

T: +34 93 224 02 24

Our coordinates

41º 22’19.1”N 2º11’13.0”E

La Ciotat location

46 Quai François Mitterrand,
13600 La Ciotat, France

T: +33 (0)4 42 83 83 00

Our coordinates

43°10.34’N 05°36.82’E


We deliver excellence in maintenance, refit and repair to the world’s finest superyachts. MB92 is a recognised industry leader refit because of our ability, dedication, experience and focus.

Working at MB92

We work with owners, captains, shipyards and managers to deliver the world’s finest superyachts back into service in optimal condition.

We work smarter in everything we do. Our approach is professional, reliable and pro-active. The combination of our experience and energetic new recruits allows us to be dynamic in our approach, and confident in our delivery. And in every part of every project, we strive for excellence.