The journey we have ahead of us is long and we understand that there are many challenges to overcome but in taking decisive action today we can provide a better tomorrow and lead change in our industry.

Pepe García-Aubert, MB92 Group Chairman

A joint effort for the oceans

Driving sustainability across the superyacht supply chain

The third MB92 sustainability report in a series focusing on the urgent challenge facing our industry, highlights the need for increased regulation and environmental assessment within the superyacht supply chain.


Environmental Crew Guidelines


Initiated by MB92 Group and developed in collaboration with Water Revolution Foundation and industry experts, this inaugural edition of the Environmental Crew Guidelines equips crew members at every level with practical tools and resources for seamlessly integrating sustainable best practices on board.


Annual Sustainability Report 2022

Transparency and reporting on our activity are integral to our sustainability commitment. Today we published our latest MB92 Group Annual Sustainability Report, where we describe our impact as well as the initiatives completed and in progress during 2022. 


The sea is our passion.

It is vital that future generations are able to share in this enthusiasm. We take this responsibility seriously and have been working towards more sustainable practices for several years. Even so, we recognise that, as leaders in our industry, we have a responsibility to do more. To go further.

In 2020 we decided to vastly increase our efforts and do more than just limit the impact our industry has on the local environment. We plan on fundamentally changing the way we work to become a truly sustainable shipyard.

Using the framework set by the 2030 U.N. Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are committed to numerous sustainable initiatives centred around the following key principles:

Carbon Footprint 

We believe in quantifying and reducing the impact of our activity and leading the effort within our industry to reduce climate change.


We believe in maximising the reduction of combustion gas emissions, volatile organic compounds and providing sustainable energy alternatives to clients and providers inside the facilities.


We believe in the reduction, re-use and recycling of materials wherever possible, as well as the responsible management of all non-recyclable waste generated at our facilities.


Water is one of our most precious resources. We believe that the water in our ports and oceans should be of the highest possible quality and facilitate the success of marine ecosystems.


We believe in supporting local & Superyacht community initiatives as well as partnering with businesses and organisations that share our approach and raise awareness on social & environmental issues.


We believe that everyone entering our facilities be part of an inclusive and welcoming culture in an environment that is safe & secure, provides opportunity for personal growth and is aligned with a shared set of values.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on a continual cyclical process to ensure that we remain on target to achieve our objectives

/ Step 1 Understand: Use every means to understand where we are (monitoring systems, external audits, etc.)

/ Step 2 Assess: Review the options available to best approach the challenge, considering effects on all stakeholders

/ Step 3 Address: Select the optimum path, plan & implement the change, and define measuring strategy




Our investment strategy is reviewed annually in accordance with our progress and the evolving nature of the challenges we face. 

We have allocated a significant initial investment for the next 5 years to support our effort, with a large proportion to be invested in environmentally efficient infrastructure, innovation and training. 


We are forming partnerships aligned with our principles and that support our commitment to reach our objectives as efficiently as possible. We are members of the ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group and one of the first anchor partners with the Water Revolution Foundation, hoping to inspire and influence our industry to do and be better.   

We are also working closely with our global network of working partners to identify and prioritise sustainable solutions throughout our value chain. 

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Progress Evaluation

An important part of our plan is oversight and reporting of progress. As such, the Group will begin to publish a yearly sustainability report outlining our actions and deliverables. The oversight committee includes external sustainability auditors and will be EMAS Certified (European Union’s (EU) Eco-management and Audit Scheme)

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