19 October 2023

Overlooking Barceloneta beach with privileged views out to the Mediterranean, the new Interiors Showroom, the first of its type in a refit shipyard, feels like a natural extension of the facilities. Opened in early 2023, the space on the recently refurbished 4th floor of the Barcelona office building has been the realisation of a vision to provide clients with a relaxing space to be inspired, supporting them bring their own visions to life. 

However, the fact that it exists at all is testament to the commitment to such an important area of superyacht refit. With an unwavering passion for superyacht interiors and an invaluable wealth of experience, Toni Colom, Interior Advisor, and Núria Gazulla, Interiors Department Manager, have played a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of this specialised domain of project management, as well as crafting the interior showroom project. We sat down to reflect on the story behind the project and what their hopes are for the future. 

The origins

When it comes to the story behind this space, Núria points out that this was as much born from the feedback we received from our clients over the years as it was an MB92 initiative. “We try to provide clients with an opportunity to experience interior solutions in person. This is something they appreciate so they can make agile decisions when time is tight and do not need to spend time navigating the numerous shops and boutiques around the city.”  

Over the last few years, everything at MB92 has grown from the facilities to the team. However, growth comes with its own challenges. Amidst the expanding team and an array of samples, finding the perfect space for clients to explore became imperative. After experimenting with temporary solutions, Toni took on the task of overseeing the refurbishment plan for the new 4th floor. Drawing from all that was learned, she set out to create a unique and relaxing space that would resonate with our clients. 

A stage for project performance

“For me, the objective for the showroom was very clear” stresses Toni, “We aimed to create a welcoming, comfortable environment reminiscent of a boutique shopping experience, where we could showcase seasonal materials, talented designers, and craftsmen. A curated haven that would inspire and make a genuine impact on our clients.”  

The showroom’s versatility, carefully designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of interior projects, reflects the team’s understanding of the project journey from vision to reality. Núria explains, “We meticulously divided the space into three distinct areas to ensure a seamless decision-making process. From initial meetings and concept sharing to proposing ideas in the sofa area, and finally, discussing the final touches with the team at the bar area – each step is meant to foster genuine collaboration.” 

Watch this space

So, what can clients expect during this first full season from the showroom? For Núria and Toni, they share the same hope, “We have built this space around the client, eagerly awaiting their reactions. Our aspiration is that it will enhance project development efficiency and offer agile solutions, seamlessly transitioning from Plan Bs to triumphant Plan As. Our purpose is to comprehend our clients’ desires and exhibit expertise in delivering results that go beyond expectations. The showroom is a tool that will help us do just that.” 

“Looking ahead, we look forward to learning from our clients during this inaugural season. Their feedback will be invaluable in helping us refine our service offering there.” Further forward, Núria envisions incredible potential for such a versatile space. “We have a long wish list of ways we want to optimise the showroom to enhance our interiors service. It is the perfect environment to foster creativity – a space to welcome esteemed designers, innovators and trendsetters to share, showcase and support clients and the team. I don’t want to reveal too much but watch this space.” 

As the sole refit shipyard with a dedicated interiors team, it is fair to say that MB92 clients will not be the only ones keeping an eye on this space. 

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