Our passion

The sea is our passion. It is vital that future generations are able to share in this enthusiasm. We take our responsibility to limit any impact that our industry has on the local and global environment seriously. All processes are undertaken with this in mind and we have achieved ISO9001 in MB92 Barcelona (currently in process at MB92 La Ciotat) as well as ISO 14001 certificates for quality and environment.

In 2019, MB92 Barcelona added the ISO50001 certificate for energy management as part of our ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency in every work procedure that we do.

Water Revolution Foundation

In 2019, MB92 became one of nine anchor partners of the water revolution foundation, the first independent, international, science-driven, non-profit organisation started from within the superyacht industry that is taking the lead to neutralise its ecological footprint and preserve the world’s precious oceans. MB92 is a proud partner of the Water Revolution team, who have not only recognized the urgency to reduce the industry’s ecological footprint, but have pledged to a substantial multi-year commitment and financial contributions.

Together, we will shape the future of a more sustainable superyacht industry.

In our facilities

MB92 is committed to providing everyone operating within the shipyard recycling options for everything from plastic to anti-freeze. Every yacht access area contains allocated recycling containers so waste from the project can be split accordingly. An additional number of Green Points for crew are strategically placed around the facilities to further promote best practice when disposing of material from onboard. For all residues and less standard material, our Blue Points provide clients and subcontractors a means to correctly dispose of a comprehensive range of items.

In November 2019, our facilities in Barcelona became smoke-free. Designated smoking areas are provided to staff and crew to ensure that all resulting waste can be managed correctly and to provide a healthier and safer working environment for all.


Environmental initiatives:

MB92 is working with La Ciotat Shipyards on a number of anti-pollution initiatives such as the installation of a wastewater treatment plant for yachts on the 300-tonne hardstanding area (14,000M2) to avoid sewage reaching the sea, and the connection of all ships to shore power to eliminate the need to use their generators while in the yard.

Both Barcelona and La Ciotat use market leading air monitoring and filtration systems to improve air quality in and around working areas.

In addition, MB92 La Ciotat has embarked on an ICPE (Classified Installation for the Protection of the Environment) Authorisation process. This will enable us to continue to manage a larger number of painting projects simultaneously in compliance with environmental requirements.

Sea Bins

In 2019 a number of Sea Bins were installed throughout the facilities, enabling us to actively start removing waste from the water within the port area. As part of this upgrade, we wish to convey our gratitude to MY Talitha who supported and worked alongside us on this initiative.