Our facilities are full of talented, passionate and dedicated people essential to the success of every project. It is our main priority to provide them with the ideal working environment to realise their potential. 

A positive and inclusive working culture 

We want every individual to feel empowered to shape and contribute to a culture that embraces equal opportunities based on merit, encourages personal growth and provides a platform for shared success. 

  •  Aim to attract and retain talented individuals that share our vision 
  • Foster a working culture that is diverse, inclusive and respectful 
    • Afnor “Emplitude” label in La Ciotat for actions in favour of employment and professional integration 
    • Gender Equality program  
  • Provide opportunities to learn and grow professionally through on-site training as well as access to internationally recognised higher education courses  
    • Project Management Institution 
    • Language training 

Health, Safety & Security 

We uphold the highest industry standards and review our infrastructure, measures and policies to ensure that they are updated and environmentally responsible.

  • ISPS-compliant safety program covering all works within the yard (Read More)
  • Continual investment policy in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
  • On-site 24-hour security team controlling access into and around the facilities
  • Strict client confidentiality policy with NDAs signed by all project stakeholders
  • Advanced foam fire extinguishing system installed in La Ciotat
  • No-smoking policy inside facilities with designated areas for smokers on-site
  • Encourage physical exercise
    • Organising lunchtime classes
    • Sponsoring local sporting events in which staff may participate

We comply with the UN principles & the Water Revolution Code of Conduct

Sustainable Development Goals
Water Revolution Foundation