9 September 2015

The important expansion plan in MB92 facilities will be inaugurated and operative by the end of 2018.

MB92 is to move ahead with the second phase of its important expansion plan that began with the new concession in 2010, with the construction of a new esplanade where a new Shiplift, able to dock vessels of up to 4,000 displaced tonnes, will be located.

This significant project and investment, originally planned in the 2010 concessional document, has recently been approved by the Administration Board of the Port of Barcelona.

The new Shiplift area will occupy an approximate total surface area of 20,000m2, and it will be located at the currently known “Muelle Catalunya” and Paint Shed. This new project will permit the dry-docking of up to 12 vessels, each with up to 105 meters LOA at any one time.

Greater efficiency, flexibility and productivity, together with a considerable improvement in environmental conditions were the objectives that were set in the design and realisation of this ambitious project. It will partially substitute the current 2,000T Synchrolift and create an acoustically protected environment in the area close to the new Port Vell residential zones.

The total investment of the project is estimated to be €45 million and expects to create between 250 and 300 direct job opportunities inside MB’92 and the companies subcontracted.

MB92 selected Pearlson Shiplift Corporation (PSC) from Florida, USA, a company with a recognised technical team and with over 40 years experience in elevation systems and boat transfers, for the design, the engineering and the development of the technical elements for docking and transferring vessels. The development of the rest of the facilities such as the port civil engineering is being carried out under the operational and technical direction of MB92 alongside the Barcelona Port Authority technical team.

The project is expected to start mid- 2016 and be completed by the end of 2018. Once completed, and sitting alongside the facilities currently available, MB92 will, without doubt, be the most modern, efficient and “smartest” shipyard in the globally competitive “Refit & Repair” market for Super and Mega Yachts.

Technical data of the 4,000T Shipflit:

  • 81 meters length and 20m width platform with the capability to lift and transfer mega yachts of up to 105 meters in length.
  • System designed to enable future increase in length and capacity or mega yachts of up to 120 meters in length.
  • The Shiplift will incorporate a single level transfer system with electrically operated transfer cradle rail mounted rotatable wheeled bogie units
  • The mega yachts will be transferred longitudinally and laterally between the Shiplift and the designated shore maintenance berth.


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