26 January 2022

What is a major refit? The answer to this question is subjective and could spark endless debate. However, regardless of definition, a refit can be a more viable alternative to a new build project and the scope of work available at the top end of specialist refit shipyards provides endless possibilities for both current owners and those considering the purchase of a superyacht. 

Planning a major upgrade requires careful consideration and must be in the right hands, able to appreciate the importance of the project and apply the required precision. So, to help take the stress out of the equation, we have defined the following criteria to prioritise when assessing that next refit partner:

CRN, 50m LOA, Engine room
Delivered in a CRN in 2016, 50m LOA, Engine room

In refit, you are only as good as your last project. While this is an industry-held truth, having decades of specialist refit experience and proven capabilities on every project type from extensions to complete interior overhauls, adds an extra layer of assurance over newer players in the refit market, limiting those nasty surprises that can push stress levels up and erode trust. 

  • The MB92 Group are the refit specialists with 30 years’ experience dedicated exclusively to refit. 
  • We know what a major refit involves and have a proven record having delivered a wide-ranging portfolio of extensions, area re-distributions, complete overhauls and major engineering works. 
  • With three decades’ experience working hand in hand with a diverse client base, we understand the importance of details, to maintain the highest level of personal care and cater to the specific needs of each owner. 
  • Our knowledge of the latest trends as well as our respect for tradition means we elevate the onboard experience and add value, whether that be through improved performance, refreshing the look for a more contemporary feel or reinvigorating a timeless classic. 

With experience comes procedural refinement to deliver absolute precision. When considering a lengthy yard stay, it is essential that every second is being used to move the project towards success – from pre-project, through the yard period and beyond departure. 

  • Our policy is to listen, learn and constantly improve our processes on every project. 
  • Our consultancy-approach to the pre-project phase ensures we provide clients a well-defined and trusted production schedule.  
  • Optimised workflow between specialist in-house departments ensures each area work in harmony to deliver results.  
  • We employ the latest innovations in technology to facilitate efficient communication, coordination & planning, and sharing of information throughout the project life cycle. 
  • Partnering with the crew, we ensure that every stakeholder is kept fully aware and involved throughout the project to facilitate an efficient decision-making process. 
  • Full bonded store status with customs procedures managed on-site ensures reduced delivery times and provides peace of mind on all project logistical support. 

While the perfect refit project is out there, we understand that during many months of a major project the path to success is not always a straight line. It is how adept the refit yard is at providing solutions in the best interest of the project that will determine its success, as well as helping to define best practice for the wider refit industry. 

  • We have specialist project manager departments, experts in their respective fields, able to apply their knowledge and experience in areas such as dry dock and interiors to coordinate a seamless workflow through to delivery.  
  • We have a dedicated technical department with expert knowledge of every yacht type, able to bring a fresh perspective and unique insight to major projects.  
  • Our quotations department has the resources and skillset to deliver informed, responsive and accurate solutions prior to and during a project.  
  • We understand that a major refit is complex and involves time, so our customer care team are on-hand to attend to any client need to make each refit experience as stress-free as possible, and our after sales team continue to assist clients following departure. 
  • We are regular contributors to industry debates, round tables and events, offering our insight to support continual improvement of industry best practice in fields from project management to sustainability. 

Selecting a shipyard for a highly technical work involving many different specialist areas all working in unison can be made easier when those parties are leaders in their respective fields with agreements in place or preferential agreements on rates or warranty terms. 

  • We have a global network of working partners comprising market leaders in their respective fields.
  • We have over 80 on-site workshops, including the new Yachting Village in La Ciotat, where many of the leading names in the industry have chosen to set up regional bases. 
  • Working agreements with our network enable us to provide accurate and trusted quotations with many including preferential conditions. 
  • Our ideal locations, close to major international transport hubs, means we can quickly arrange to have teams wherever they are needed. 

Major works require the availability of the right tools in the right hands. Whether that be the ability to haul out or dry dock, create an environmentally controlled space, or storage capacity, each refit has specific needs from the shipyard during the stay and at any given moment therein. 

  • Our facilities in Barcelona and La Ciotat contain the latest in shipyard technology and benefit from a policy of continual re-investment, ensuring we remain ready for what our clients require tomorrow. 
  • Over 80,000m2 combined hardstanding space supported by a 4,800T shiplift in Barcelona and 4,300T shiplift in La Ciotat (on schedule to welcome clients in Autumn 2022). 
  • Syncrolift options for up to 2,000T 
  • Dry docks of 200m in La Ciotat and 220m in Barcelona 
  • Versatile storage space including a bonded warehouse 

Our vocation is to make it happen. Precisely.

Looking for the ideal partner for your next major refit? The combination of a proven team with technical expertise and precision, supported by the most appropriate tools for the project and market-leading specialists. 

We are the refit specialists. Contact our team to discuss your plans.

Txema Rubio

Commercial Director