15 January 2021

Following the recent announcement that our facilities have been awarded bonded store and area status, a long-term objective, we took five minutes to sit down with one of the chief architects of this latest development, Andrea Ros, Customs, Logistics & Purchasing Manager at MB92 Barcelona, to kick off a new MB92 insight series getting to know a bit more about the people behind the service and offer a little insight for others who may be considering a career in this unique sector.

What inspired you to forge a career in this industry?

Growing up in Barcelona and with most of my family on the island of Mallorca, the sea has been at the heart of my family and the backdrop to my childhood memories. My father had a boat and we spent so much time on the water, it was natural for me to pursue a career that enabled me to continue my relationship with the sea. 

What is your background?

graduated as a naval engineer at the Facultat de Nautica in Barcelona and began my career at North wind yacht shipyard. There, I gained first-hand experience in naval construction, project management and equipment supply. After 4 years I joined MB92 in 2008 as part of the procurement team, applying my knowledge to source and supply everything to support projects. I gained significant understanding of logistics and customs procedures in this role and enhanced this through additional training and a masters in Customs law and management at the Barcelona University. 

Given the increased size of superyacht, their expansive needs as well as the growing number of clients in the Barcelona facilities, it was necessary to set up a dedicated department with specialists in customs and logistics. I have been managing our team of experts for over 6 years now. 

Delivering quality is about exceeding expectations. Those that our clients have and those that we place upon ourselves 

What gets you up in the morning?

The nature of this position means that every day is different, and the challenges presented mean you must always be on your toes to meet them. A superyacht refit project starts well ahead of the yacht´s arrival in the facilities and continues long after departure, and our department is central to ensuring that anything required arrives when needed. The project is always very time critical and our ability to navigate customs procedures and logistical channels can prove decisive. 

How would you define quality service?

Personally, quality is about exceeding expectations. Those that our clients have and those that we place upon ourselves. Every member of our team has the background, experience and training to excel, however, it is the desire to deliver that little bit more on a consistent basis that sets a service apart from the others. 

What do you think it takes to succeed in your position?

Firstly, working alongside providers that help make the whole logistics chain work – from the purchase through logistics and customs to final delivery to the client. We have built up a large network of trusted partners during more than 25 years that we can rely upon and give us the assurance needed when planning projects or having to react quickly to resolve an unforeseen situation. Secondly, having the knowledge of customs regulations to know where the flexibility lies and how to exert pressure to give the best chance for a delivery to arrive as quickly as possible. 


What advice would you have for those interested in starting their career in this sector?

That they enjoy it! It is a career in a dynamic sector that is constantly evolving and that offers the opportunity to never have two days the same! It is one that definitely appeals to a problem solver who thrives in time-critical situations.  

I come from a naval engineering background so have a good understanding of what our clients need, so another piece of advice that I would offer is to learn as much about each respective area that you are working as well as the customs and logistics management. This will give you the confidence to make informed decisions that contribute to a better service and greater job satisfaction 

What do you find most challenging in your role?

As I mentioned, managing expectations can work for you and against you. On occasion, a situation can arise where a client feels that something should be straightforward but is more complex and time consuming. This can cause frustration on both sides. Now that the facilities in Barcelona have become certified as a bonded area and store, many of those frustrations can be mitigated as we can directly manage everything on-site without the need for an additional step or link in the chain.  

What innovations do you think will influence your position (for better or worse) in the future?

The global COVID19 pandemic has seen an incredible rise in the demand for more agile and responsive logistics solutions given our dependence upon these services for a much wider spectrum of supplies. This need drives innovation, and we are already seeing technological advancements contributing to greater security, access to more detailed order information and ultimately a speedier service. 


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