16 September 2021

This year’s event will feel a little extra special given the year´s absence and, for many of our team, will be the first opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues from around the industry face to face in a while.

We took the chance to speak to Vincent Escallier, MB92 Commercial Director, and Toni Colom, MB92 Barcelona Interior Creative & Quality Control Manager, to share some of their experiences, what makes the show so special, and a little advice for first timers.

When was your first show? 

VE: I believe it must have been around 22 years ago.  

TC: Probably around 20 years ago if my memory serves me well. I remember that we shared a small stand together with Pinmar. 


What do you enjoy most about the show?  

VE: The opportunity to meet everyone from around this unique industry. This last year has definitely highlighted how important human contact is and nothing can replace that when building trusted relationships. This is the right moment to reconnect, and I am very much looking forward to it. 

TC: As my focus is on the interior side of superyachts, I am always excited to meet new suppliers and manufacturers on the scene to see the latest trends and innovations. Plus, obviously, the chance to visit the newest additions to the superyacht fleet and get a feel for the latest approaches to interior design onboard. 


Away form the marina, where do you most enjoy spending time during the show?  

VE: Given the fact that I spend most of the time between being at the stand, attending meetings, restaurants and industry events, I prefer to spend what little downtime I have unwinding at my hotel room. It allows me time to process the day and also get some much-needed R&R in what is a very intense schedule. 

TC: The show is such a wonderful opportunity to learn so I try and take advantage as much as possible. So, for me, getting a moment to go and meet and talk with people from both inside and outside the interiors sector to discover different angles and ways of working can be such an eye-opener.  

However, I must say that the show demands so much energy that once all is said and done, I also prefer to retire to my hotel room and get some much-needed shuteye! 

This last year has definitely highlighted how important human contact is and nothing can replace that when building trusted relationships. This is the right moment to reconnect, and I am very much looking forward to this year´s Monaco Yacht Show.

What have you noticed change over the years?    

VE: It sounds obvious but the size and scale of everything has grown along with our industry. Not only the size of yachts but the number of attendees, professionals, companies, and events. It is quite staggering really when you look back to when I first attended to where we are now.  

TC: I think that, as with the industry, the level of professionalism has improved year on year. Furthermore, the growth of the industry attracts many new players to the market with innovative products, technology, materials, ideas and ways of working. Every year I am blown away by the scope of opportunity this industry offers. 


What is the moment that stands out for you when you think back on past shows?   

VE: I remember one year inviting my young children to spend some time with me at the show, so they could get a feel for the environment in which their dad works. I will never forget the look of wonder on their faces, with eyes widened and sparkling. Sometimes, it takes something like that to remind yourself that we work in a very special industry. 

TC: It is difficult to pick out one particular moment, but I do particularly remember being invited to a party hosted by a prominent manufacturer of custom rugs. Once there, I was taken aback by just how many of the guests were individuals I had read and heard so much about from within the interiors world. To get the opportunity to talk and share ideas with my peers was such a great experience and I took so much away from that event. 

keep your eyes and ears open and seize every moment to soak up as much as possible. You never know where that next inspiration will come from.

Do you have a favourite show/year (and why)?  

VE: For me, it was probably the show from a couple of years back, where MB92 La Ciotat and MB92 Barcelona first shared the stand as the Group. It was a great experience to spend that time working alongside each other, but more so than that, I knew we had a very talented and professional team, ready to take the business to another level. 


What advice would you give to a first-time visitor?  

VE: It is easy to become very blinkered at these things. There is always so much work it can be difficult to see beyond. However, I would recommend taking time to walk around to get a feel for the rare effervescence you can only find at the Monaco Yacht Show. 

TC: It is important to remember that this is a commercial show and there may be opportunities from unlikely places so always keep an open mind. I would also say to keep your eyes and ears open and seize every moment to soak up as much as possible. You never know where that next inspiration will come from.