20 September 2021

MB92 Barcelona receive international recognition for their management of occupational safety during the COVID19 pandemic

On Thursday the 16th of September, MB92 Barcelona received the Special Recognition Award for merit in company management for the promotion of health and safety at the ORP awards ceremony held in Santiago de Compostela.

Presented by the Scientific Committee of the International ORP Foundation, the award recognises the development and implementation of MB92 Barcelona health & safety measures at all company levels, enabling the protection of employees, superyacht crews and contractors throughout the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

With this year being the 11th edition, the ORP Awards celebrate companies and professionals who demonstrate proficiency in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention and Sustainable Development.

Accepting the honour on behalf of MB92 was Laura Pérez, MB92 Barcelona HSE Manager who, alongside her team and key personnel throughout the organisation, has been central in maintaining the wellbeing of all personnel operating in and around the facilities.

On receiving the award, Laura stated that “this recognition has only been made possible thanks to the continued collaboration and effort of our team and every individual entering our facilities to provide a safe working environment for all.”