1 March 2021

MB92 will be embarking on an intensive drive towards becoming more sustainable.

MB92 has been working towards more environmental practices for several years but in 2020 the Group decided to vastly increase its efforts and make sustainability one of its principal strategic pillars across both shipyards. As such, the Group has launched a 2021-2025 sustainability plan with which it aims to consolidate its position as a leader in environmental care in the superyacht refit industry.

The result is a 5-year plan, which will tackle six key areas of focus:

  • Reducing the shipyards’ carbon footprint
  • Reducing combustible gas emissions
  • Minimising non-recoverable waste
  • Improving port and sea water quality
  • Reducing VOC emissions
  • Improving social responsibility

This plan has used the framework set by the 2030 U.N. Agenda for Sustainable Development to set itself a number of goals and has committed to numerous sustainable initiatives focused on these key areas.

“The journey ahead of us is long and we understand that there are many challenges to overcome that will involve major changes not only for our company, but also for our supply chain and in the nature of solutions we propose to our clients.” said Pepe García-Aubert, CEO of MB92 Group. “The problems we face as an industry are simply too big and too important to face alone so we must all work together to evolve, as fast as possible, towards a more sustainable future.

Local and international commitments.

As part of the plan, MB92 has forged alliances with local and international organisations such as the United Nations, the Water Revolution Foundation (as one of the first anchor partners) and the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Climate Change Agreements.

A large scope of initiatives

A significant multimillion euro investment will be allocated for the next 5 years enabling the Group to execute the goals that have been set with a large proportion to be invested in environmentally efficient infrastructure and Innovation.

The journey ahead of us is long and we understand that there are many challenges to overcome that will involve major changes not only for our company, but also for our supply chain and in the nature of solutions we propose to our clients

A number of initiatives are planned for this first year and are designed not only to reduce the impact that the activity has on the environment but will offer benefits to clients in terms of greater efficiency and simplifying many processes such as shore power connections and waste management.

In Barcelona, Marc Hervás was recruited to oversee a thorough review of the organisation, its facilities and processes, and form partnerships with local, national and international organisations dedicated to sustainability. With a masters degree in energy efficiency and sustainable development Marc, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this new position having previously worked on several environmental initiatives, principally related to the sea, including coast line preservation, underwater emissary control, hydrocarbon control and energy efficiency consulting.

MB92 Barcelona is currently working with the Water Revolution Foundation on the development of a pioneering system for assessing the yachting industry’s environmental footprint. This Yacht Assessment Tool (YAT), will allow the shipyard to address the impact generated by its activity and those generated by client’s yachts while in the facilities, in order to reduce it. As such, MB92 is committed to better assisting its clients in reducing the environmental impact of the work carried out and also offering them the possibility of making an equivalent economic contribution to the regeneration of underwater ecosystems.

In La Ciotat, a sustainability committee was formalised and is composed of representatives from throughout the shipyard, including procurement, HSE, project management and communication.

MB92 La Ciotat is currently undertaking research and development of a new filtration system for VOCs and is working with La Ciotat Shipyards on a number of projects to improve shore power connection and water treatment. In addition, the company is investing over 40M€ in the future 4,300t Atlas yachtlift, where it will provide clients with an environmentally friendly dry docking solution with features such as the largest port-based artificial fish nursery in the world.

Finally, an important part of the plan is oversight and reporting of progress. As such, the Group will begin to publish a yearly sustainability report outlining its actions and deliverables. The oversight committee will include external sustainability auditors and will be EMAS Certified (European Union’s (EU) Eco-management and Audit Scheme).