Returning to our roots

300t Origins is a dedicated refit facility serviced by the 300t travel lift within the MB92 La Ciotat shipyard. As the name suggests, this facility is dedicated to maintaining and refitting yachts up to 300t and refers to the ‘origins’ of MB92 La Ciotat, who initially built much of its reputation by building and refitting sailing and power boats under 300t displacement.

Technical excellence & flexibility

The area provides high-end solutions for every aspect of yacht refit, from basic maintenance works & class surveys to complex modifications, all with the ultimate goal of preserving or even increasing the value of the yacht for its owner and delivering a seamless refit experience for the yacht’s crew and/or management.

A “boutique” approach to refits

Clients can expect a “boutique” approach to their refit with an agile organisational structure enabling a more flexible and tailored approach so that every project will run like clockwork.


They also benefit from all of MB92 La Ciotat crew facilities that includes a Crew lounge, Gym, Offices and storage and Customer Care who organise a wide range of activities from social events, crew training and health & beauty treatments.

Committed to meeting your expectations

We understand owner’s expectations when it comes to quality and know what it takes to achieve this. Whether the service is provided by our in-house craftsmen or via the Group’s extensive network of subcontracting companies, attention to detail is a requisite for anyone working for MB92.

State-of-the-art facilities

Experienced & highly qualified professionals, a significant network of high quality subcontractors, world-leading facilities and an environmentally conscious approach

  • 14,000m2 Hard Working Area
  • 50m Paint Cabin
  • 300t Travelift
  • Crew area & gym for crew members
14,000m2 Hard Working Area
50m Paint Cabin
300t Travelift
Crew area & gym for crew members


Fire prevention System
Fresh Water
Air conditioning system
Waste, recycling and cleanning services
Grey water connection
Shore power p.yacht up to 400V, 800KW / 6KV, 1.800KW
Forklift and cranes
Container & Office rentals

300t contacts

Philippe Escousse

300t Origins Site Manager

Axel Cantero