Our waste management program ensures that recyclable and non-recyclable material is correctly disposed. We are committed to exploring innovative ways to minimise waste and working with our partners to identify next generation materials and technologies. 

Reduce waste 

Our principal objective is to reduce the amount of waste generated at our facilities by improving efficiency and the use of alternative materials that do not become waste material. 

  • Implementation of waste monitoring systems to optimise efficiency on material use 
  • Identify and implement re-usable material options such as yacht protections or shoe covers 
  • Use of biodegradable material wherever possible 
  • Digitalisation of administrative material  

Recyclable waste 

We have fostered a recycling culture within our shipyards but are constantly evaluating our recycling methods to make it more effective and simpler to recycle effectively. 

  • Extensive recycling options for each yacht and throughout shipyard  
  • Dedicated waste segregation controller on-site 
  • Upgrade containers to include smart technology to monitor and improve use 
  • Improvement of collection systems to minimise number of truck collection visits 
  • Floating water barriers to collect organic and non-organic waste following storm surges 
  • Installation of sea bins to actively remove waste from the water 
  • Awareness campaigns and training of MB92 teams, working partners and crews to reinforce recycling best practice 

Non-recyclable waste 

We are reducing the amount of non-recyclable materials or residues used wherever possible in our facilities. For all waste currently generated, we are committed to finding innovative management solutions that minimise environmental impact. 

  • Non-recyclable waste management services  
  • Continual review of waste destination solutions (energy production through incineration)  
  • Collaboration with industryleading waste disposal companies to expand service options 

We comply with the UN principles & the Water Revolution Code of Conduct

Sustainable Development Goals
Water Revolution Foundation