We are committed to reducing the impact our activity has on the environment to an absolute minimum and have conducted thorough research alongside external organisations to identify effective methods to do so. We are ambitious in our scope but aim to be carbon neutral by 2050


We monitor, measure and modify all activity undertaken in our facilities to ensure that we continually reduce our impact 

  • ISO9001 (MB92 Barcelona) and ISO14001 certificate for quality and environment
  • ISO50001 (MB92 Barcelona) certificate for energy managementThe first shipyard globally to have received this certification. 
  • Employ energy consumption monitoring systems including new features such as alarms and automatization systems to maximise efficiency 


We have a policy of continual investment in our facilities with a focus on innovative solutions to reducing our carbon footprint 

  • Upgrade all internal and external lighting to energy-efficient LED 
  • Office and building renovation to improve insulation and integrate smart technology 
  • Install more energy-efficient office air cooling and heating systems 
  • Installation of solar panels on MB92 La Ciotat paint shed 
  • Gradual replacement of company vehicles to electric 

Client Services 

We provide our clients sustainable service options for those wishing to reduce the environmental impact of their yacht or yard stay 

  • Blue Carbon Offsetting projects to mitigate impact of projects undertaken at the facilities 
  • Provide sustainability service options for clients wishing to improve the environmental impact of their yacht or project 

We comply with the UN principles & the Water Revolution Code of Conduct

Sustainable Development Goals
Water Revolution Foundation

MB92 La Ciotat is a corporate member of the Sea Index, promoting sustainable best practice in superyachting.

Sea Index