We intend to lead our industry in minimising emissions of combustion gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced in our facilities We are working with all stakeholders to improve air quality through the application of strict best practice working methods, infrastructural improvement and the prioritisation of sustainable innovative solutions. 


We continually monitor and review our activity and processes to ensure they are as energy-efficient and least impactful as possible. 

  • Emission monitoring in adherence to new legal requirements  
  • Use of market-leading air monitoring and filtration systems to improve air quality in and around working areas 
  • Environmental vigilance to verify the implementation of all good practices to avoid VOC, particle and GHG (Green House Gas) emissions  


We are committed to the integration of cleaner energy supply and support infrastructure solutions. 

  • Provide shore power connected directly to national grid, eliminatingthe need for yachts to remain on generators while in the yard.   
  • Purchase of green energy  
  • Replacement of diesel heaters with new technology options 
  • Installation of Photovoltaic Panels in MB92 Barcelona 
  • Development of a VOC filtration chamber in MB92 La Ciotat 

We comply with the UN principles & the Water Revolution Code of Conduct

Sustainable Development Goals
Water Revolution Foundation