28 October 2022

At MB92, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients necessary, agile and effective solutions that result in practical benefits. In order to support us, we work alongside an incredible network of working partners who are pushing the envelope on innovation through projects, products and services that redefine what is possible. 

Painting superyachts requires precision and control. The demanding conditions needed for a flawless application and finish are finite. When planning a paint work, every interested party wants a hassle-free application and no reshoots if possible, so being able to ensure a stable painting environment is a key success factor 

Pezzolano Ventilation Systems (PVS) have worked alongside MB92 for years and the development of their wireless, digital, real-time system ensures round the clock control, maintaining humidity, temperature, and air quality levels in accordance with paint manufacturer requirements.  

Many heating systems require a more traditional approach to monitoring and control, with periodic readings taken manually and heaters running for long periods often unnecessarily. Combined with specially designed equipment for superyacht refit, Pezzolano optimises the usage of equipment to maximise paint application performance and avoid excessive periods of operation. With data readings taken every 30 seconds, the system automatically switches units off when not required, making control completely autonomous.  

Data readings are recorded in real time and can be accessed by interested parties to verify that the ideal conditions are being respected for application, from any device with internet access.  

The combination of complete control over paint environmental factors combined with remote accessibility offers valuable peace of mind to project stakeholders and has the potential to reduce energy consumption significantly, contributing to both companies’ commitment to greater sustainability in superyachting.  

At PVS we aim for a fully digital system that allows us to record in real time all conditions inside the covering. This control system has been used in more than 70 projects for superyachts. We must remember that our conditioning control system reduces the use of fossil fuels by 80%, and the carbon footprint of the shipyard is also greatly reduced as a result.

Julio Pezzolano  

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