7 June 2023

In the realm of well-managed businesses, the swan metaphor perfectly encapsulates the synergy of grace and hard work. Just as a yacht operates smoothly on the surface while propelling forward with great effort below, a smooth and hassle-free experience for clients with results on time and on budget requires meticulous planning and effort. 

At MB92, the Quotations Department serves as this engine room, comprising a dedicated team of over 12 Quotations Managers led by Marc Martín. Collaborating with in-house technical, dry dock, and interiors departments, as well as a global network of suppliers, the primary objective is to define project parameters, from budget to schedule, ensuring preparedness prior to the yacht’s arrival. 

Marc has over 10 years’ experience in the company and given his knowledge of how competitive the refit market is, has a deep understanding of what clients demand. “This department is unique in our industry as I do not know of another shipyard that commits so many resources to pre-project development. It is something that our clients appreciate, knowing that by investing effort into a well-developed plan, we give the project the best conditions for success and save them money and time.” 

Building a foundation for success during the critical pre-project phase, the Quotations Department directs its focus towards understanding and framing the owner’s expectations. By closely collaborating with original yacht equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the management team, and crew, and conducting in-situ visits, the department gathers crucial information. “We all want the best for each shipyard period and clients are increasingly conscious of the benefits of fluid communication during this phase of the project. The team strives for accuracy and transparency when building comprehensive quotation packages. This involves managing numerous moving parts, including manufacturer requirements, supplier lead times, resource allocation, and considerations from interested parties such as flag and class. Armed with a defined worklist and all necessary specifics from the yacht side, we are confident that we will deliver a competitive and transparent proposal that effectively satisfies the owner’s needs.” 

The Quotations Department serves as a commercial tool during the pre-project phase, establishing the playbook for the entire project. It creates schedules with contract dates that guarantee timely placement of critical purchase orders. Additionally, detailed budgeting and cost analysis support the decision-making process, aiding the yacht owner in determining the ideal refit destination. 

By investing effort into a well-developed plan, we give the project the best conditions for success and save clients money and time.” 

However, worklists evolve during the yard stay as well so requests will typically come in until close to departure. To support the department to remain agile in this area, the knowledge base within the team is reinforced through a placement scheme giving team members the opportunity to complete a project cycle as a Project Manager. “I started in 2011 in the Technical Department before joining the Quotations Department 2 years later. I also spent a year as a Project Manager which was an extremely valuable opportunity to cultivate a 360º understanding of the project. Our team comprise naval engineers and architects, so the foundations are there already, but the chance to be exposed to diverse roles and the day-to-day demand of a project develops empathy and further contributes to a cohesive service for clients.” 

This industry is rapidly evolving and the challenge to become more sustainable is driving much of the innovation. “The digitalisation of processes and communication channels is boosting efficiency and we expect to receive increased demand from clients for more sustainable solutions on board. Our clients continually push us to be ahead of the curve with challenging petitions that are catalysts for continuous learning and improvement, fuelling the team’s drive to find intelligent solutions that exceed expectations.”  

According to Marc, “The MB92 engine room is in great shape and well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges on the journey ahead”. 


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