3 December 2020

MB92 announce that the customs authorities have given approval for their facilities to be an officially recognised bonded store (DAP).

To support the RPA service already available, clients will now be able to unload items directly from the yacht while in the facilities and arrange import, exports or transits without, on many cases, paying income taxes. MB92 Barcelona also permits the option to store items indefinitely within the 82,558 m2 facilities, and a dedicated 720m2 bonded warehouse to secure more delicate items under customs control.

In addition to being a bonded store (DAP), the Barcelona facilities are an authorised economic operator (AEO), licensed premises for the exportation of goods (LAME) a temporary storage area (ADT), and will extend their AEO certificate to include AEO Security in the coming weeks.

Andrea Ros, MB92 Customs, Logistics & Purchasing Manager, stated that “this authorisation is not only going to make life easier for our clients, meaning that goods movements can be managed with the appropriate customs arrangement directly into the facilities, but that this will also provide a significant cost saving on import taxes, together with IPR, that would otherwise become applicable on goods coming from outside the EU or from Non-EU yachts. We have significant storage space throughout our facilities to safely store items of any size such as tenders or toys and we can offer that added peace of mind through the use of our on-site warehouse facility”.

MB92 Group CEO & President, Pepe García-Aubert added that “being able to offer this service to our clients has long been an objective for us. This latest development is going to have a considerable impact upon refit planning and clients will enjoy numerous benefits from being able to unload, store and make customs arrangements all on-site.”

The new customs service is available to clients immediately and forms part of a wider commitment from the MB92 Group to providing the very best superyacht refit experience.


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