16 February 2024

INFE Group innovative solutions for superyacht insulation 

Improving energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners, and one of the first “quick wins” often recommended is proper insulation, which can prevent up to 35% of heat loss. This principle applies seamlessly to superyachts, where preventing heat loss from exhaust lines or other hot surfaces within the engine room translates into substantial cost savings for owners, thanks to reduced resource requirements for maintaining optimal temperatures. 

With a long-term working relationship with MB92 Barcelona and a workshop on-site inside the facilities, INFE Group has been providing solutions in technical insulation and piping to the superyacht industry for over 30 years. As part of their solution portfolio, INFE produce completely custom-made insulation mattresses fitted to specific client needs that are also reusable, extending their lifecycle and contributing to greater sustainability in the industry. 

Facilitating their commitment to quality and efficiency is INFE’s state-of-the-art cutting machine, acquired three years ago. This machine plays a pivotal role in refining the production process, ensuring that each insulating mattress meets the highest standards in quality and efficiency. Giovanni Marré, MB92 Group Procurement Manager, emphasizes the benefits for clients, stating that “providing bespoke solutions that can be produced efficiently and offer a multitude of operational uses, contributing to long term cost savings, is a win-win for clients.” 

Alexander Sanmartin, CEO of INFE Group, asserts that “this cutting-edge insulation represents a pivotal advancement in the naval insulation industry. Its notable practicality for both installation and removal, coupled with the remarkable insulating performance achieved when applied to exhaust lines or soot filters using these innovative thermal insulating mattresses, establishes a new standard of excellence in the superyacht sector” 


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