20 September 2022

Innovation is often stimulated by necessity and the COVID19 pandemic accelerated the advance of the superyacht world towards greater digitalisation. This trend has led to the development of more remote support solutions, offering numerous advantages to client and refit yards alike.

The ability for systems to communicate remotely provides convenient access to carry out troubleshooting exercises, maintenance, and project planning for yard stays. Furthermore, the carbon footprint is reduced by lessening the need for travel to conduct onboard maintenance and/or possible technical visits.

As part of a refit pre-project phase or to provide ongoing support at sea, crew can benefit from remote access provided by Quantum.  Using a secured server, an experienced Quantum Engineer can connect and begin to conduct diagnostics, perform updates and direct service work with an option to record and download performance data for analysis and reporting. It clearly represents a more efficient approach, using a connected ecosystem to modernise how onboard stabilisation systems can be serviced and supported.

Another more recent advancement is the new Quantum 5000S Stabilizer Control, built on a modular platform and capable of supporting multi-generational systems with greater capacity.

It can be configured for underway only as well as zero speed where other controls were more limited in their capabilities.  There are many advantages to processing data in real time and having the flexibility to record performance data and download it later is a major enhancement. The user interface is also much more intuitive, making it easier to run operations independently.

John Allen, Quantum President

The availability of prompt troubleshooting and stabilizer data tracking are such important factors in accessing the necessary work to be done during a successful refit period. The architecture of the system is designed to store drawings, technical information and fluid recommendations, a convenience for clients, the refit yard, and the Quantum Stabilizers’ Technical Team.

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