15 February 2022

It often isn’t until systems that we take for granted fail do we realise how essential they are. The provision of drinking water and other systems that manage the flow of water or waste require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure they run effectively.

Piping plays a central role in these and other key systems and issues such as corrosion can affect flow, contaminate supply and lead to health issues. Running throughout the yacht and often out of sight, pipe maintenance and repair requires technical study to minimise disruptive and/or invasive work. Additional work such as protections, cutting, re-directing other local systems and welding, can prove problematic and costly.

Providing solutions and offering alternative or innovative approaches to a situation is why we love refit.  

Our MB92 Barcelona team work alongside Reflow Marine, specialists in the maintenance and renovation of piping and currently servicing over 380m of piping onboard a project in our facilities. Through the application of an innovative pipe repair coating process, not only are pipes between 1cm and 30cm diameter restored to their optimum condition, providing long-term benefits, but the need to carry out disruptive work to gain access and operate is minimised.

The process

Following a preliminary investigation to determine the condition of the piping, often using borescope technology, the following process is undertaken:

The benefits
  • Eliminates dust, debris, and noise from a safely confined work area
  • Reduced work time and isolated renovation sectors limit onboard disruption
  • Greatly extends the pipe lifespan and improves system performance
  • Simplified future maintenance with easy disinfection and flushing

At MB92, we work closely with a global network of partners to provide the very best service either at one of our shipyards or anywhere our clients require. We actively look for smart and innovative ways to improve the refit experience of our clients which is why we work with leading names in the industry and welcome pioneers in new technologies and procedures from inside as well as outside our sector 

For more information on this service or to discuss your plans for that next yard stay, please contact our commercial team to see how we can best serve your needs.