It is our goal to use our position as a leader within our industry to raise awareness, be part of the conversation and form strategic partnerships with businesses and organisations to promote positive change throughout our value chain and in the communities in which we operate. 


Supply Chain 

We work closely with our entire network of working partners to share our standards and promote sustainable working methods and product procurement throughout our supply chain. 

  • Our network of working partners commits to undertake activity under our environmental best practice framework 
  • Employ a rigorous selection process for potential new partners that prioritises responsible practice and a strong sustainability culture 
  • Support local subcontractors in improving their sustainability 



We form alliances with organisations both within our sector and outside to inform, support and contribute to our effort towards a more sustainable business and industry. 

  • A member of ICOMIA and founding member of the IcomiaSuperyacht Refit Group. 
  • Contributed to the development of the Standard ICOMIA Refit Agreement, the Code of Practice for Members, and A Client’s Guide to Good Refit Governance 
  • Signed the UN Global compact for sustainable development 
  • A proud anchor partner of the Water Revolution team, signing the code of conduct in 2019 and pledging to a substantial multiyear commitment and financial contribution 
  • A member of the Nautical Cluster in Barcelona 
  • Collaborate with local Port Authorities on a range of social and sustainability initiatives 
  • Committed to local government climate change goals  CompromísAccióClimàtica in Barcelona (Global Change, Green Deal, Local Administration)

Community Projects 

We work within our communities to support projects and causes that have a long-lasting positive impact socially, economically and environmentally. 

  • Support regional marine associations such as  
    • WeOcean Dynamic La Ciotat association whose goal is to build a network of initiatives synergising work by all actors involved in the protection of the Mediterranean Sea  
    • Aquapassion Association based in La Ciotat that raises awareness of the marine environment, particularly for local school children, and fights against pollution
  • Provide employment and internship opportunities to local communities and work alongside local education centres to support study programs 
  • Support local, national and international non-profit organisations

We comply with the UN principles & the Water Revolution Code of Conduct

Sustainable Development Goals
Water Revolution Foundation