20 April 2023

MB92 Launches “Refit for the Future!”, the world’s first dedicated  sustainability refit service for superyacht

  • Application of the latest technology to drive sustainability and improve the value of superyachts
  • A trusted network of OEMs and working partners with proven solutions offering multiple benefits to yacht owners

MB92 Group, the world’s leading superyacht refit, repair and maintenance company with facilities in Spain and France, announced today the launch of “Refit for the Future!”, a new service tailored for superyacht owners looking to reduce the environmental impact of their yachts, reduce operating and financing costs, and protect re-sale value.

There are approximately 6,000 superyachts over 30 metres in length currently in operation worldwide and an increasing number of proven solutions that have the potential to lessen their impact on the environment. Many of these solutions offer multiple advantages for owners such as greater comfort, cost savings, improved fuel economy, increased yacht re-sale value and an overall reduction in the end-users’ individual carbon footprint.

Jean-Marc Bolinger, MB92 Group CEO, commented: “We are thrilled to launch this new service that is the result of extensive research and look forward to further driving change in our industry. Although there is no silver bullet just yet, there are clear benefits to be gained for yacht owners willing to take the initiative now ahead of tighter regulations.”

“Refit for the Future!” provides a holistic sustainability review service as well a range of options for making improvements, from “quick win” solutions during routine refit periods to significant upgrades and full conversions. The execution of the programme can be tailored and staggered to the needs of clients, ensuring yacht availability for the owner while also implementing an effective sustainability plan to future-proof the yacht.

1/ Short-term improvement plan

  • Inclusion of easily implemented solutions as part of a single refit period
  • Reliable technology with proven benefits to performance, comfort, and the environment
  • Immediate and long-term costsavings

2/ Medium-term optimisation plan

  • Plan solutions involving detailed assessment or technical studies
  • Delivered over multiple refit periods in accordance with owner plans, budget and regulation requirements
  • Enjoy upgrade benefits while minimising disruption to yacht availability

3/ Long-term conversion plan

  • 360° sustainability study of the yacht and its operation
  • Unlock potential and future-proof the yacht
  • Smart planning maximises efficiency and provides peace of mind


Txema Rubio MB92 Group Commercial Director, noted: “With 200 projects over 24 metres in length delivered each year, we are in a unique position to provide our customers with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions when considering refit upgrades. “Refit for the Future!” offers an attractive and more sustainable alternative to building a brand-new yacht, offering a number of environmental and operational advantages, as well as significantly shorter delivery deadlines”

With an extensive network of OEMs and suppliers, MB92 collaborates with the leading names in the maritime industry to deliver proven and trusted solutions to its clients. In addition, the Group has invested heavily in its infrastructure and operating methods over the past decade to improve the sustainability of the refit process such as the introduction of shore power for all vessels, green power and waste reduction initiatives*.

MB92 Group is constantly searching for innovative sustainable solutions from new providers and invites companies who are interested in applying their technology to the world’s superyacht fleet to contact the procurement department.