31 March 2021

MB92 La Ciotat has signed an agreement with the Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications 4MED, which received the label “CMQ d’excellence” from the French Ministry of Education last November and has since been part of the governance.

Consequently, the refit & repair shipyard joins the main actors of the maritime sector in the PACA region in France to provide a coordinated response to training offers and to solve the recruitment difficulties currently encountered by companies in the region’s blue economy.

The objective of this consortium is to reinforce and adapt training solutions so that they meet the current and future needs of companies, particularly with regards to maritime digitalisation. This major and unavoidable change now affects all fields and will also boost technological innovation by increasing the skills of employees and improving interaction between businesses and the world of research.

For Aline Amauger, Director of Human Resources at MB92 La Ciotat, “Training for the skills necessary for our activities is a major challenge for the development of our company. Our recruitment needs continue to grow with more than 25 recruitments planned for the launch of the new 4300t yacht lift in 2022 and an additional twenty or so by 2025, representing an increase in our current workforce of around 35%.

The mobilisation and skillset of our teams are major competitive assets and constitute an important part of the company’s capital. To achieve this objective, recruitment is an important step. ”

The CMQ 4MED will focus on the shipbuilding and maintenance sector, as it is one of the most active industrial economic sectors in the region, a sector where many professions are either new or in short supply. Indeed, the Consortium will launch initiatives to attract young people to these areas by showing them that traditional professions can represent good career prospects and are increasingly linked to modern technologies.

Ben Mennem, CEO of MB92 La Ciotat, concludes; “Naval maintenance occupies an important place in the blue economy of our region and La Ciotat is the largest hub dedicated to superyacht refit in the world. These superyachts, which are becoming more numerous and more complex every year, require an ever higher level of expertise and technicality.

By 2025, we anticipate a significant increase in our manpower requirements, both in-house and subcontracted, equivalent to approximately 250 additional people working on our projects during the peak season. As a result, we need to ensure the availability of trained and competent resources. Our desire is therefore to promote professional training and qualification of young people in our region in order to maintain the quality of our service and our position as a world leader in superyacht refits. “