3 February 2022

MB92 Barcelona to enhance paint production with the opening of new specialised Fittings Centre

MB92 Barcelona announce the start of operations at their new Fittings Centre, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the painting, service and storage of superyacht fittings.  

Located close to the MB92 facilities, in the Port of Barcelona, the installation covers a total over 1600 m2 and contains  

  • 2 paint cabins (270m2 and 290m2) equipped with the latest technology to deliver maximum paint performance 
  • A drying/curing room 
  • (Dis)assembly line  
  • Paint mixing, spray gun cleaning and paint storage areas 
  • Comprehensive fitting storage options and versatile office space. 

The cabins have the capacity to control important variables such as humidity, air flow and temperature thanks to the latest in aero thermic climate control and scrubber technology. Not only does this facilitate better results in painting and curing but, alongside the residue treatment system, supports the company’s drive towards more sustainable solutions.

Jordi Ariet, MB92 Chief Operating Officer, explained that this service is something we have long-wanted to offer our clients. We have undertaken extensive research to develop the optimum environment to deliver the highest quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability. This facility really is a game-changer, providing numerous advantages to clients not just in terms of increased productivity and quality but also safety and control, with ATEX certification, comprehensive security throughout, and tracking registry of each fitting. 


Mr Ariet added that we are already seeing the benefits in just a short period of operation. With fittings now centrally managed at the centre, we can monitor, and reduce emissions and VOCs more effectively. Furthermore, we can liberate space in the shipyard traditionally occupied by tents for other services. I am looking forward to seeing how we maximise the potential this facility offers.”