As anchor partners of the Water Revolution Foundation, committed to neutralising the footprint of the superyacht industry and preserving the world’s oceans, we have already undertaken a number of initiatives to use water more intelligently as well as to improve the quality of water in and around our ports.  

We work alongside our partners throughout the industry to research, develop and implement initiatives for a sustainable ocean that respect the marine environment and promote solutions that lead to innovation. 


We constantly evaluate our working standards to be more efficient and minimise our impact upon the water surrounding our facilities and beyond. 

  • The first shipyard to implement a policy of no complete paint works afloat, ensuring greater environmental control and minimising the risk of contaminants entering the water in the port. 
  • Employ the use of Water Cooling towers that ensure water used during projects is returned to the port at ambient temperatures 



We have a facility development program designed to reduce consumption and contamination, as well as support biodiversity. 

  • Creation of a wastewater treatment plant in La Ciotat to avoid seawater contamination
  • Water surface cleaning drone to capture material waste and hydrocarbons from the waters surrounding the Barcelona facilities
  • Sea Bin installation in the Barcelona facilities
  • Partnered with local company Desmet Divers to remove waste from La Ciotat port sea floor
  • Installation of underwater barriers to enable potential waste to be easily collected


The 4,300T Atlas shiplift currently in construction in La Ciotat Shipyards is designed to be the most environmental and sustainable shiplift facility in the world. To maintain the pristine condition of the surrounding environment and marine ecosystems it supports, sustainability defines each construction phase and beyond, with operations scheduled to commence in 2022. 

  • Removal and treatment of over 3,600m3 of polluted sediment amid renovation of previous industrial brownfield site 
  • Equipped with the latest-generation rainwater collection technology to minimise runoff or discharge into the sea 
  • Installation of innovative biomimicry system providing 600m2 of habitat to local marine species and forming the world’s largest artificial fish nursery installed in a harbour 
  • Strict anti-dust and noise protection systems in place during construction phase 
  • Installation of bubble curtains to suppress the noise caused by the underwater works and minimise disruption to local Dolphin communities 
  • Monitoring and conservation projects of local wildlife

We comply with the UN principles & the Water Revolution Code of Conduct

Sustainable Development Goals
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