7 October 2022


The transition towards greater sustainability in superyachting is one of the greatest challenges our industry has faced. For owners, plotting a route towards sustainability can present more questions than answers given the amount of noise surrounding the subject.

  • My yacht is compliant. Why should I be thinking about this now?
  • Are there cost-effective upgrades that make a difference? 
  • Am I getting real long-term value from my investment? 
  • Can I be sure that this is the best approach for my yacht? 

Real benefits  

Based on our extensive knowledge as well as decades of proactive investment and service enhancement, we have developed a refit service programme tailored to the needs of owners that guarantees practical benefits now and into the future. 


Immediate improvement plan  loadbarlow

  • Inclusion of easily implemented solutions as part of a single refitperiod
  • Reliable technology with proven benefits to cost, performance, comfort, and the environment
  • Immediate results and long-term value on investment


Medium-term optimisation plan  Loadbarmedium

  • Plan solutions involving detailed feasibility or technical studies
  • Deliveredover multiple refit periods inaccordance with owner plans, budget​ and regulation requirements
  • Enjoy upgrade benefits while minimising disruption to yacht availability 


Full conversion plan  loadbarhigh

  • Holistic sustainability study of the yacht and its operation
  • Unlock potential and future-proof the yacht
  • Smart planning maximises efficiency and provides peace of mind

In the best hands 

We have been at our clients’ side for over three decades and are the trusted choice to deliver anything from minor repairs to major structural work. Our team of highly skilled experts work in collaboration with the foremost names in the industry to deliver excellent results on budget and on time. 


Committed to a better tomorrow 

We work closely with organisations such as the Water Revolution Foundation and SEAIndex, as well as education institutions, sustainability consultancy services and leading voices in sustainability to continue advancing research and innovation in design, technology, and engineering. 

Prepare for tomorrow with the refit experts. Contact our team 

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MB92 Barcelona Commercial Director

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MB92 La Ciotat Commercial Director

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